Business Aviation Accidents and Fatalities Climb in First Half of 2011

Both the U.S.-registered business jet and turboprop segments worldwide experienced more fatal accidents in the first half of this year, compared with the same period last year, according to preliminary figures compiled by AIN. In the first half of this year business jets and turboprops combined were involved in five fatal accidents resulting in 17 deaths versus four fatal crashes that claimed the lives of nine people in the first six months of last year. Although in each period there was just one fatal accident involving a jet, two people were killed in the crash last year compared with four killed in the only fatal jet crash so far this year–a Gulfstream G650 being flown by the manufacturer’s flight-test crew. For turboprops, four accidents killed 13 in the first half, compared with three fatal accidents that killed seven people in the year-ago period. In the first half, jets and turboprops each had 18 non-fatal accidents, but that was an increase of 12 accidents for the jet segment and one more for the turboprop fleet, compared with last year. Also during this period, a non-U.S.-registered air ambulance PC-12 crashed in India, killing seven

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