Business Aircraft Charter Should Not Be Just For The Senior Execs

Great article by David Windham explains that senior executives at major firms do not need to be told the value of a business aircraft. But at many companies, the business aircraft seems to remain the private domain of a select few.

The tangible benefits to having an aircraft can include, but are not limited to:

• Time Savings

• Flexibility and Reliability of Operations

• Productivity

• Ability to support customers in an effective manner

He goes on to say business-hours spent in the office, with a client, or working somewhere quietly without disruption are more productive than business hours spent waiting at the airport. Whether it is Travel$ense or a spreadsheet, such an analysis can show that the time spent not in the business aircraft can be put to productive use that can offset the added cost of the business aircraft option. This type of analysis may show that further use of the business aircraft to more than just a select few senior executives is indeed money well spent.

Read the whole article here

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