Boston Charter Firm Loses Suit Against City

Judge Patrick Brady of the Massachusetts Superior Court in Norfolk County last month denied the arguments in a lawsuit by Boston Air Charter (BAC) challenging the rulings made by the town of Norwood and its airport commission. Two BAC Citations took off on March 17, 2010, after the manager for Norwood Memorial Airport (OWD) had closed the facility due to flooding, prompting the airport commission to suspend temporarily the company’s right to conduct commercial operations at OWD and to terminate its tenancy on the airport. The judge ruled that the city has the legal power to revoke tenant permits and that BAC’s civil rights were not violated. BAC also alleged that the city violated a 2008 FAA order requiring Norwood to provide a lease to BAC to install a “self-fueling” fuel farm. The judge determined that a lease plan was offered, but that BAC “did not find it acceptable.” A BAC attorney told AIN, “Though disappointed, BAC accepts the Court’s judgment. BAC continues to operate out of OWD and looks forward to re-establishing a positive working relationship with the Commission.”

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