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If you want to book a private jet for a client, know that when you work with JetOptions, it’s an efficient, easy, and fun process. When you book a private jet, first decide your client’s needs. Private jets can accommodate children, pets, and varying amounts of luggage. Deciding on travel dates and flight times is not an issue. When you book a private jet you’re accountable only to your client’s needs, and we can partner to make your trip a success.

You Have Numerous Luxurious Choices When You Book a Private Jet

Decide on what size of charter you need when you book a private jet. There are airliners for 30 passengers, heavy jets, ample, and heavy cabin jets for 8-18 passengers, light jets and small-cabin jetsĀ for 6-7 fliers, mid jets and midsize cabin jets for 6-8 guests, super mid jets , and super-midsize cabin jets for 8-9 individuals, turboprops for 4-7 passengers, very light jets for 4-8 travelers, and VIP airliners for 19+ passengers.

Select from Multiple Plane Sizes

Each class of aircraft includes various amenities, including multiple living areas, reclining sofas, and berthable seats. There may be dedicated beds, enclosed lavatories, and even a kitchen for preparing and serving food and beverages. Accordingly, there may also be a flight attendant on board, depending on the size of the jet. Different planes are available based on your needs and how far your client needs to travel. If they are traveling internationally, a larger jet may be necessary and more comfortable than smaller aircraft, not to mention that a larger plane will accommodate more luggage!

Book a Private Jet Easily with JetOptions

When you book a private jet, your client can utilize concierge services. These custom services can be used for transportation to and from the airport and can be utilized for booking additional services in the destination cities.

If your client appreciates excellent cuisine, book a private jet and haveĀ the best food and flight function. Then, instead of eating stale “plane food,” enjoy whatever your palette desires.

Allow Your Client to Travel the World When You Charter Private Jets

Let your client know that they’ll be skipping the harsh innards of a stuffy airport with thousands of people milling about. They’ll cut the horrifyingly slow and annoying security lines and pat-downs. They won’t have to worry about bringing lotions and liquids on the plane or suffer the indignities of having strangers rifle through their personal belongings.

Arrive Faster and at the Private Jet Airport Most Convenient for You

Private jets often travel faster than commercial aircraft. Private jet charters are available 24/7 and can be booked in as little as two hours. Safety, convenience, and luxury are ultimate priorities when traveling with JetOptions. No matter how much management you need with booking your flight, JetOptions is here to help. Flight delays, long check-ins, canceled flights, and missed connections are a thing of the past when you book a private jet.

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