Associated Air Center To Appeal Possible $49M Judgement

Pending a judgment against Associated Air Center that could possibly total as much as $49 million, the Dallas Love Field-based company is already preparing an appeal. In the suit, brought by Tary Network and Citadella International Group in a Dallas district court, attorneys declared that Associated and associated entities taken part in a breach of agreement “that led to tens of millions in losses for the jet owners, consisting of lost profits, out-of-pocket damages and declined.” A jury decision on February 28 found in favor of Tary Network and Citadella International, and a subsequent judgment with regard to the specific amount of damages is anticipated within the following 60 days. A source at Associated Air Center revealed shock, however, that deposits of $2 million each to secure slots for 2 Boeing Business Jet cabin completions could possibly translate to a $49 million award. In a statement released on Friday, Associated said it “highly disagrees with the decision,” adding that “considerable rulings in the case prevented the jury from considering key realities and caused this unsatisfactory result and unjustified damages award.” Associated stated it will appeal and expects the judgment to be rescinded. The facility has been in company since 1948, recently provided its 23rd BBJ green completion and will begin the interior conclusion of a new Boeing 747-8 this year.

Associated Air Center BBJ


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