Arcadia Aviation Closes Doors

The final chapter in the storied history of a series of well known companies came to an end Tuesday when Arcadia Aviation, an aircraft charter/management company and FBO operator, closed and all of the company’s employees were laid off. Arcadia bought Wayfarer Aviation in July 2010; Wayfarer incorporated the remains of JetDirect Aviation, which had tried to consolidate more than a dozen charter firms into a nationwide provider but lost tens of millions of dollars before going bankrupt. One of JetDirect’s acquisitions included assets of TAG Aviation USA, which stemmed from the original Wayfarer Ketch, a management company formed from the Rockefeller family flight department. Arcadia, headquartered in New York, employed 50 to 60 people, according to a former employee, and managed seven aircraft. The company also had FBOs in Martinsburg, W.Va., and Monticello, N.Y.

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