Analyst Reports Charter Demand Up, Prices Flat

Demand worldwide for private charter flights has continued along an encouraging upward curve, with the arrival of the usually busy summer season, improved year-on-year demand and the soccer World Cup tournament in South Africa all identified as driving factors. Data from online charter portal Avinode showed its demand index for June 30 reached 153.13–almost 67 points up on where it had stood on the same day last year. Yesterday’s demand index was also almost 31 points higher than it had been a month ago on May 31. However, the Avinode price index for the same period appeared flat. According to Avinode, this is because the index was on its way down on June 30 last year from the high levels seen in 2007 and 2008. On June 30 the price index stood at 94.99–about one point down from the same day in 2009 and almost identical to the index a month ago on May 31. In North America, average flight hours logged showed double-digit growth for the second month running. In the rest of the world, increases were more modest, but nonetheless continued for a second consecutive month.

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