All Falcon 7Xs Now Cleared To Fly Again

Practically all Dassault Falcon 7X business jets are flying again, following the EASA’s reauthorizing flights for the entire fleet on July 7. As of today, only three 7Xs were still on the ground, but not for any technical reason related to the runaway pitch trim incident that sidelined the fleet in late May, according to Dassault. The manufacturer has found a solution for the horizontal stabilizer electronic control unit (HSECU) part number -04. Operators can have the unit verified or, in the event it does not pass the verification test, replaced. The new one, part number -05, was developed by Dassault. In a June 16 AD, the EASA had allowed restarting flight operations for those Falcon 7Xs equipped with HSECU part number -02 (about 80 percent of the fleet, according to Dassault). Until September, when a software modification is implemented, all Falcon 7Xs remain subject to the flight-envelope restrictions Dassault had defined in June, notably with a Mach 0.85 Mmo, instead of Mach 0.90. The runaway pitch trim incident that sparked the grounding took place aboard a Falcon 7X approaching Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on May 25.

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