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When using an air charter service at JetOptions, you have many choices available for flight customization available to you with our complimentary concierge services. This air charter service offers a variety of benefits and can often be dispatched in two hours or less.

How Do You Want to Experience the Best Air Charter Service?

Ensuring that you have the best food possible is one of many choices in excellent air charter service. As we all are too aware, airport and airplane food are some of the worst in existence. When you fly privately, you have the option of having your favorite food catered on your flight. When you have the right cuisine, you feel energized for your travels and will be in a good mood. Maybe you want a taste of your destination’s culture—you can eat gumbo from Louisiana and fresh fish from the Pacific Northwest.

Arrived Prepared and Ready

Do you have a big presentation that you need to make? What about a meeting? This is all possible to arrange with the best of air charter service. You can work off of a large screen, available to you so that you can complete meetings and hit the ground running. You’ll have wi-fi available to you so that you can complete work, and you’ll have continued access to your relevant documents. You’ll even be able to hold conference calls on your air charter service

All this onboard presentation material is available for entertainment purposes as well. With your air charter service, you can enjoy a much-needed break from the world with in-flight entertainment. Watch a movie or play games on a big screen. It’s all up to you with air charter service tailored for your comfort and leisure. Enjoy the best sound systems on the market to the tune of anything from Andrea Bocelli to Rage Against the Machine.

Experience Top Technology In-Flight

Since air charter service provides the best of every industry, you can expect to get the best of technology. Fly with a VR (virtual reality) headset, and enjoy movies, games and informational experiences, all through your smartphone. With a VR headset, you delve into an entirely immersive experience such that you can walk an Arctic landscape or traverse the sub-Saharan desert. Do you appreciate the sound of the ocean to lull you to sleep? Ride the seas with a VR headset until you’re comfortably situated in dreamland. You could even travel a virtual tour of the city you’re going to touch down in, becoming a virtual tourist.

Maybe you want to get some much-needed rest and relaxation on your flight – you’re not alone! With a quick consultation, you can have your private air charter service configured to your needs. This may include adding reclining chairs or having full beds available to you and your guests. Rest on the best linens, on the fluffiest pillows, and dream upon a cloud.

Enjoy the best of air charter service with JetOptions.  Call us or Email us today for your custom air charter flight quote.

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