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About JetOptions

The JetOptions Private Jets Mission

JetOptions Private Jets purpose is to act as a charter agent on behalf of our clients to provide full-scale assistance in arranging worldwide private jet charter flights, guarantee assurance of favorable market price and availability. With over ten years in the on-demand charter industry, our private jet charter flight specialists have the knowledge, experience, and education to recommend and determine the appropriate private jet for every jet charter flight.

Our Private and Business Jet Services

JetOptions Private Jet Charter is a leading provider of on-demand private jet charter services worldwide. We operate in all time zones 24/7, 365 days a year, with offices in Dallas, Texas, Malibu, California and Miami, Florida. Our specialist can quote, dispatch and present concierge services for your private jet charter flight all within 2 hours OR LESS.

Seamless Personal and Business Jet Charter Service

Our Premium service levels exceed your expectations. Our clients are the most discerning utilizing private and business jet charter for leisure and corporate travel. JetOptions Private Jet Charter can provide you with real seamless end-to-end transportation solutions. We couple luxury limousine and ground transportation service with the private jet charter both to and from your origin and destination with the utmost attention to detail and discretion.

Our Private and Business Jet Networks

JetOptions Jet Charter has built a novel model of aircraft availability in a network that unites the best private jet carriers. With more than ten years in the private jet industry, we have live access to the best, most luxurious private jets. You have the freedom to select the exact jet make and model for each trip.

Peace of Mind

Our industry leading safety due-diligence program gives you added comfort knowing that our command center is tracking every detail of every flight. Read more about the lengths we go to ensure your safety and security on our safety page.

Saving You Money

JetOptions Private Jets. Dedicated to saving our customers money for their on-demand private jet charter services. Since our inception in 2000, we’ve offered the jet traveler the lowest rates and Our Trip Reconciliation Program is unparalleled. Upon completion of each trip, we sum up the costs. If we saved money on flight time, fuel costs, airport fees, and a variety of other factors, we REFUND the difference to our customers. We call this Fair Value Pricing. No one else offers this money saving program.

Experience and Assurance

With over 20 years of combined aviation experience, the JetOptions principals have created a growing and successful business model specializing in point to point travel and one-way charter flights.

At JetOptions, we will make your private jet charter flight experience safe, simple and practical. Call us now. We welcome the challenge and opportunity to earn your business, trust, and loyalty. Experience the difference with JetOptions Private Jet Charter today.

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