Five Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Private Jet Trip

What questions should you be asking before chartering your next private jet? Here are 5 must-ask questions:

Many will agree that flying private trumps flying with commercial airlines in virtually every way. You have peace and quiet, you’re catered to for all of your needs, and you’ll have less hassle to deal with along the way. Booking a private jet for your next trip is an exciting outlook.

However, before you jump into the booking process, be sure to ask some questions to make sure that your private jet charter company has you covered in the best ways possible. By taking care of the details in advance, you can save yourself and the rest of your party a major headache, as well as lookout for your own safety. Take a look at 5 questions to ask before you book.

  1. Is the Flight Properly Insured?

Without a doubt, any reputable charter company will have the details of aviation insurance all planned out well before you’re en route. However, to ensure peace of mind for you and the crew, don’t feel uncomfortable when it comes to asking some important questions.

Covered by aviation insurance

Ask about the insurance limits on the chartered aircraft and whether the policy covers single limit, property damage liability, and bodily injury to passengers. Ask if each of the passengers joining is listed on the policy as “additionally insured,” to ensure that each traveler is covered throughout the entire flight duration.

  1. Has the Company Planned for “Surprises?”

Some private jet charter companies have unknowingly walked into a nightmare when things don’t go according to plan. For example, many international airports have strict curfews and after-hours procedures. If you change your flight time or are late, will everything still be taken care of? Additionally, duty time issues for crew members can create road bumps in unexpected scenarios. Overall, it’s best to ensure that the unexpected is always expected.

  1. Who Is My Point of Contact?

One of the benefits of the private jet charter experience is that you should have one point of contact throughout your process. This individual will plan the itinerary and make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Not only does this save the hassle of dealing with too many people and details to keep track of, but it also ensures that there’s one person who knows your trip inside and out to make sure you’re fully accommodated.

One point of contact JetOptions

  1. Is In-Hangar Boarding Available?

For high-profile travelers who want to stay under the radar, ask if you have the option of in-hangar boarding. This is a truly private boarding option that’s safe from the prying eyes – and camera lenses – of the paparazzi and other nosy individuals. In-hangar boarding is an option that’s available at many private airports with advanced notice.

In hangar boarding


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