Aircraft Availability Index Drops Due to Thanksgiving Holiday

The holiday’s impact is most evident in the US Avinode Aircraft Availability Index, which illustrates the effect of Thanksgiving on aircraft availability. The index shows a sharp decline in aircraft availability on the day before Thanksgiving (Wednesday), followed by an increase during the holiday weekend and then another drop on Sunday, signaling the end of the holiday weekend.

The graph below presents a comprehensive index showing the average daily order value for flights requested through Avinode’s system that depart within the next four weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving - JetOptions Private Jets


It’s important to note that in this index, 100 represents January 1, 2009, which had an average daily order value of $15,228,9430. Avinode’s system, departing within the next 4 weeks. Index 100 is equivalent to January 1, 2009, with an average daily order value of $15,228,943.




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