Falcon Heavy Jet Dassault Produces the 200th 7X

by Chad Trautvetter

The 200th large-cabin, long-range Falcon 7X business jet has rolled off the production line at Dassault’s Bordeaux-Merignac production facility in southern France, the French aircraft manufacturer announced here at Farnborough. The aircraft is slated to enter final cabin completions this week, the French manufacturer announced here at the Farnborough International airshow.

“We are especially proud of this milestone,” said Dassault Falcon president and CEO John Rosanvallon. “The 7X is clearly the best seller in the current Falcon family and remains one of the most sought after jets in its category.”

To date, Dassault Falcon has delivered more than 150 fully outfitted Falcon 7Xs, while another 80 are in various stages of production or cabin completions. The Falcon 7X fleet has logged more than 130,000 flight hours since the first aircraft went into service in 2007 and is in operation in 32 countries around the world.

Rosanvallon said that in the five years since the business jet entered service, it has developed dozens of new options that give customers a “wide range of desirable features.” In particular, the company has focused on developing features that increase cabin comfort, including a recently added option for a shower aboard the trijet. A BMW-designed interior option, launched in 2009, introduced subtle curves throughout the interior, creating better flow and visually expanding the cabin.

Dassault has also incorporated new features as standard equipment since entry into service, such as a Rockwell Collins cabin entertainment system equipped with an interactive 3-D moving map and an audio/video on demand solution that was first installed on a customer 7X in May.

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