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When it comes to successfully chartering a private jet, there’s more to it than simply ordering an expensive bottle of bubbly and finding the aircraft. It’s important to follow the right steps to ensure the best possible flight and experience. The last thing a person wants to do is hire Joe Shmoe.

That’s why this guide is an invaluable resource for all the savvy folks out there who want to have a top-notch experience. After all, it’s not every day a person charters a private jet.

1. Find the Right Jet Charter Company

First things first, start out by doing your homework and know who you are hiring.  The best-case scenario has a friend who can give a quality recommendation.  If none of your friends are cool enough to charter their own private jets, Google is always there by your side.  If you do use Google, don’t pick the first choice that pops up. Of course, we are biased and think you should pick us; but having a team of experts arranging the details, pilots, and cabin crew can make or break a trip. If you want to party like a Rockstar during the flight, make sure your people look into the rules and regulations.

Pro-tip. Look for a jet charter company that is registered with ARGUS, Wyvern, NATA, NBAA and the BBB like we are. Not only are we carrying additional insurance for your flight, but we have undergone extensive audits & reviews to become a member of these groups. JetOptions will also be making further checks on your plane and crew to confirm they meet all of our stringent standards.  Believe it or not, there are some bad actors out there who may not have your best interest in mind.

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2. Choose the Correct Size Plane (Light Jet, Medium Jet, Heavy Jet)

Here is the fun part!  After finding the best company, shift gears to finding the perfect jet for your needs.  Are you throwing a huge party?  Is this a romantic getaway?  Are you taking a trip with the family?  Do you plan to turn the jet into your own personal dive bar?

There’s a lot of amazing jets to choose from.  Companies will show all of the interior shots of each jet and list their capacities.  It’s up to you to choose which one you like best that will suit your needs. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the price either, although, a budget shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Send in Your Passenger List

The company needs to know who they’re flying around in style.  You don’t want to just ride up to the runway with a busload of your friends.  Once you send in your passenger list, the company will make sure everyone gets his or her own set of bells and whistles.

Private Jet Charter Tips for a perfect trip

4. Pre-order Your Lavish Meals & Drinks

No private jet flight is complete without lavish dining.  If you’re taking a long flight, you need to make sure all of your guests are full.  This isn’t a commercial flight where the meals only tease your taste buds.  Don’t forget about the beverages either.  If someone doesn’t have his or her favorite drink on board, it could ruin the entire flight.  If this flight is a celebration, don’t skip on the good champagne.  When you’re flying in style, you must drink and eat in style too!

champagne welcome private jet charter

5. Hire a Private Driver

Instead of driving your car to the airport, hire a car or limo to take you there.  The fun can begin on the ride over; there are no rules against it.  Just make sure you can still stand up straight when you get the airplane, or you may run into a few problems.  If you don’t want to have a driver, you’ll need to drive yourself out jet side or park the car in the private lot. There’s no waiting in lines or taking your shoes off at a security line,  this is all about convenience. Don’t forget to leave your keys with the FBO after you breeze on into the terminal.

take the limo to your jet

6. Drive-Up to the Jet Like You Own the Place

This is when style really comes into play.  Dress your best, think James Bond or Kate Middleton.  When you step out of the car or limo, you want to look important.  People are going to rush over to carry all of your bags and lay out the red carpet to the plane’s door.  Don’t be afraid to overpack either because you’re going to need a lot of choices.  Act like you own it, you worked hard to live in such lavishness.

7. Land at the Nearest Airport to Your Destination

When your glamorous and awe-inspiring flight comes to an end, it’s time to continue the party in your destination. You’ve already flown to the airport nearest to your resort or upscale hotel.  You’re going to need your rest after the long flight and all the champagne. A driver can be waiting for you and your luggage landside for you and your party’s arrival. From there you are whisked off of your VIP charter to the Carribean, Las VegasAspen, or just about anywhere you desire.

8. Get Picked Up in Style on the Tarmac

Before landing, it’s imperative to freshen up.  Try to land during the day so you can wear your big sunglasses.  Practice your posture to look as important as humanly possible.  You want people to think you are in the top 1% of society when you disembark.  If there is no red carpet, ask to have one rolled out.  Don’t forget to thank the flight crew for making your trip as comfortable as possible.  And even if no crowd is waiting for you there, wave like you are royalty.

9. Rinse and Repeat

Ending a vacation is usually a heartbreaking experience.  No one wants to stop living in paradise or drinking in the dream life.  The ride back is a little different, unless you’re a real party animal. Focus more on comfort during this stage, and you want the transition back home to be as pain-free as possible.

10. Return Home

The last step is having your private car or limo drive you back to your estate.  If you did park yourself, the co-pilots can radio ahead and have your car brought around to await your arrival. That’s about it!  You’ve just successfully learned the steps to charter your own private jet.  Now get out there and live it up!

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